If we say that Azna is among the stones like diamonds among the jewels, we have not said in vain that it has quality, beauty and originality, and the obvious example of this poem is “what everyone has is good, you have together”. It has been more than fifty years since the exploitation of Azna mines And their name is associated with the name of the late Arbab Ghanbar Rahimi who was the discoverer of this stone. The background of this gray stone is light, which sometimes leads to darkening and sometimes it becomes lighter. It is rare that Azna stone is without a halo or gray shawls, and this feature provides the ability to symmetry in this stone. Unlike the Aligudarz porcelain stone, there are no yellow lines in Azna stone. Azna has the lowest water permeability among porcelain stones and marble, and this advantage makes it not react to any other elements, and after twenty years of installation on the floor of your building, the same health and freshness of the day. Be the first to witness. Note that Azna stone is ideal for the exterior of the building and for the inside of the stone.

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