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Tirajeh stone complex started its activity in the early 1990s by acquiring the ownership of Laybid crystal quarry; after some years of fruitful presence in the field of quarry, it developed its scope of activities with purchasing a stonecutting unit in the industrial town of Mahmoud Abad, Isfahan, Iran. In 2012 and with constructing a new industrial shed and changing the production line, it began processing travertine stone and bought Shahin Dej travertine quarry to meet its raw material requirements.
After passing thirty years of valuable experience and shifting from engagement in quarries to construction industry, Triajeh stone complex has concentrated on stonecutting and has taken measure in manufacturing slabs through purchasing the needed equipment and machinery.

Now, after thirty years and gaining valuable experiences, the Tirajeh stone collection, far from the mining field, has focused its activities exclusively in the field of stone cutting, and by purchasing the necessary machinery and tools, has started to produce all kinds of building stones in the form of slabs. Is.


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سنگ طبیعی

We try to maintain our original quality of our stone as it comes from nature.

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The global market is so vast that we have taken the first steps in this direction

Flexibility in use

Slabs have the property of variable use in various spaces, including public and home spaces

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We are proud that in several decades of activity in the field of industry, we have made every effort to meet the needs of our valued customers.

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The use of high quality materials in processing makes the final product beautiful and impressive

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